Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days to Branch Out: Day 8

Hooray! We've made it through the first week! This week we'll be talking about fabric crafting! My favorite thing about fabric is that it doesn't have to just be used for making clothes (or pillow cases in my case). You can do just about anything with fabric that you can do with paper!

So, in honor of the first day of the second week, we'll discuss tools first.

I believe the first thing you need is one of these!
This little machine will cover all your basics and is less than 40.00!! You can also use these for paper crafting which adds unique texture to your pages and cards. It has 8 different stitches on it which may not be important to you while you're starting out but they sure will come in handy later once you get better at it!

Also, check out resale websites like Craigslist to get some really awesome deals. I got my machine plus a HUGE box of notions and fabric PLUS a plastic organizer drawer set with a bunch of patterns for only 60.00. I use my machine at least once a week and it's fantastic. So keep your eyes open for a deal if you're interested in getting started.

Next, you'll need a good pair of scissors. For me, I use the cheapy red handled Crayola scissors that I got from working at the day care because of all the pairs I have they are the only ones that will cut fabric. Lame I know. If you're serious about starting to sew, invest in some good scissors.

A Rotary Cutter has become a staple in my sewing box. You use it on a self-healing mat with with a cutting guide and it cuts perfectly straight lines. Also, if you're going to use this, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! Cut the fabric not your fingers: invest in a metal mesh glove or finger protection because these blades are extremely sharp and will take off fingers if you're not careful!

A set of sewing needles (to sew by hand) will also be handy. Also, it may not hurt to get some black and white thread! Also, if your machine doesn't come with bobbins, you will need some in order for your sewing machine to work.

All of these little things that are part of sewing are called Sewing Notions. If you go to the store and need help finding any of this, the people there will know what you're talking about!

Tomorrow: How to thread and use your sewing machine!

Branch out and be creative!

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