Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days to Branch Out: Day 17

So, now that you have some kind of grasp on how to work the needles, the next natural step would be how to follow a knitting pattern so you can make something more than a scarf! So, since I didn't know a thing about how to read a pattern I looked it up and found this! It seems pretty easy to follow. Since knitting is so far away from where I started (scrapbooking) it's taking me a little longer to learn than other crafts. Maybe in December we can come back to knitting and focus some undivided attention to it.

Yesterday we learned how to prepare our gardens for both the raised versions and in ground versions. Today I wanted to touch a bit on composting. We eat a lot of food in our house which means we have a lot of waste! Egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels and scraps are all outstanding materials to add. The benefits of composting here in Texas are pretty fantastic. Especially if your backyard is anything like mine and consists of pure rock. Yay south Texas... Anyway, adding it to your soil or your potting soil that you've purchased will loosen clay soils and help sandy soils retain water. Adding compost improves soil fertility and stimulates healthy root development in plants.  So, I know where all of our scraps will be heading now! Have fun!

Photo Credit: Young House Love: Compost Post :)

Branch out and be creative!!

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