Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days to Branch Out: Day 3

So,  I hope your first scrapbook page came out well or that you found some interesting ideas. A somewhat new trend in the scrapping world is DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING. It is the paper crafting without the paper. There are so many amazing options out there that you can have all of the embellishments of regular scrapbooking saved away on your hard drive in nice neat folders...which I can't say for my actual scrapbooking items.

But, since this is paper crafting week, we'll touch on tangible embellishments. You can go here to find a huge array of embellishments that you can order online. There are also half off coupons for Hobby Lobby on different types of embellishments each week. You can pick from stickers, 3D stickers, pre made paper embellishments, and don't forget ribbon.

Go forth and be creative!!

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