Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days to Branch Out: Day 11

OMG!!!! I SAW THIS TODAY and I wanted to die!!
It's a ring holder! Plus, the best part is it's easily DIY!! The tutorial for something similar was found on The Toasted Coconut. I think this will be great if you have a pair of shoes where one gets injured (broken heel...it does happen) but the other is in good shape or some super cute shoes you find on sale that just aren't in your size! Keep them around to love while making good use out of them!

I love that she used  fabric and pillow stuffing but I rather like the foam and how professional it looked. She spent 4.00 on the shoes at a garage sale and the ones in the picture are from Ruche and cost 18.99! So, cheap if you don't want to DIY but even cheaper to DIY!

Branch out and be creative!!

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