Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm a mother. I've been a mother for 3 months and 3 days. I am forever changed. Right now my daughter is sleeping on her fathers chest releasing my lap which is quickly filled up with my laptop. I spend my free time blogging and seeking out inspiration to pass on.
What should I be doing? Probably bathing...definately not playing games on facebook: but alas here I am...

So, I hereby announce Wonderful Mommy Wednesday! Wednesdays are days where I will post simple things to pamper yourselves with. Most of these things will come from things around your house. All things Mommy will be done this day and I will try hard to not post things that will not help you in some way. i.e. saving money, beauty tips and products, fun things to do/make just for you!!

By the way, this is SO not just for mothers. Anyone can participate!! All lovely ladies need some pampering sometimes. So, in honor of Wonderful Mommy Wednesday here's something lovely to pamper yourself with!!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub!!
1. Go to your pantry. You'll need brown sugar, any oil you have, and vanilla extract.
--You don't need the vanilla extract but it does make it smell purty.
2. Put 1/2 cup of sugar into something you can seal. (I used little tupperware bowls)
3. Add enough oil to make it have a somewhat thick but slick texture. *See pic*
4. Add 1tsp of vanilla extract and mix.
5. You can add another tsp of vanilla if you use olive oil because olive oil has an odd smell to it (I think.)

6. Pass the kids to Daddy or put them to bed a little early and hop in the shower!! Enjoy your lovely smooth skin!

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