Monday, September 26, 2011

#3 Pinterest Challenge!

Hello friends!

Man, this has been a crazy day! Drove up to Austin today to go to the Whole Foods so Joe could meet the managers up there. They weren't there but it was fun to spend the day with him. M&M didn't like being in her seat that long but she did pretty good.
Anyway, it's Monday and you know what that means!!!

#3 Pinterest Challenge!!!
Without further ado: 
While waiting for Craig Ferguson to come on watching the local news, I saw that there is a cold front heading this way! Which means we'll drop to a bone chilling high of 88 by Friday (pssh yeah I'll believe that when it happens!) But it got me thinking...Fall was on Friday. The cooler weather is on its way even if it's not as cold as you hearty women up north. So here are a couple of really great and EASY recipes for homemade lotion bars. Just click the picture or the title for a link to the recipes! I really cannot wait for this especially after my trip to Whole Foods. 

Let me know how they work out if you're able to do them! Have fun!

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