Sunday, September 25, 2011

Greener Fabric Softener

I found this idea to extend the life of your fabric softener and lessen waste on Apartment Therapy and I figured I would try it out! So far it's pretty darn simple!

Step one: Find your favorite fabric softener (liquid kind)
Step two: Find a bowl and put a small hand towel into it
Step three: soak the hand towel (I did for about 20 minutes mostly because I got distracted)
Step Four: Ring out completely and put the fabric softener back into the bottle (it really doesn't take much to thoroughly soak the towl)
Step Five: Let dry completely!! (I left mine overnight) BONUS:::Where ever you leave it to dry...the whole room will smell delicious)
Step Six: Through the dry towel into your dryer like one of those flimsy sheets and enjoy!

The best bit is that the towel like it will be once its completely dry is supposed to last about about 40 loads of laundry!!! I have almost a whole bottle of softener left. I am extending my fabric softener for like the whole year! I do about three loads of laundry a week! I'm so excited to save money and eliminate those annoying little dryer sheets from my trash! Such an easy way to go green!

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