Monday, September 19, 2011

#2 Pinterest Challenge

Hello Friends!!
Well, today is Monday! I'm sorry I haven't posted this sooner. I've been on a cleaning the house spree! I found THIS website through my new favorite website (pinterest...duh) and it really has motivated me!! Check out the Beginning Babysteps to get started!

Anyway, today is the beginning of #2 Pinterest Challenge! I picked something that everyone should have on hand and does not require any sewing!! So no excuses this week ladies!!

Is this not lovely!! Guess what it's made out of....okay I'll tell you...TOILET PAPER ROLLS!!! Who doesn't have those around their house! UPCYCLE them baby!!! This one is from Etsy but I think we can make it for little to no money! I have seen some pretty amazing things made from toilet paper rolls. I mean Look at this!! Click on it for the tutorial!
The bottom one is if you're feeling really crafty but the first picture is the challenge this week!! Also, don't underestimate the power of spray paint!

I can't wait to see pictures!!

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