Sunday, August 21, 2011

Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Okay First... HERE is the actual website where I got the tutorial. It also has the pattern (which is just for the top).

The Pattern comes in two portions which then you tape together. I did print it on cardstock which was really easy to pin. **I wish I would have used more pins while cutting it out. It would have mattered later in the project if the cuts were more direct**

The top :) I think it looks like bunny ears.

Start by placing the outside piece with the lining piece together. Sew just the "ears" together. Leave the bottom bits open for now. **Really take your time sewing this part together. As a new seamstress the curves were difficult for me. If I had been more patient with the stitches, I think the top would not have been as wonky as it came out**

Turn this right sides out and press. **NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE IRON** This really did make it a lot easier for me!

While its rights sides together, sew a straight line and close up the bodice.

Next, the tutorial said to use piping but I was pretty broke (40% off 2.99/yd fabric was the way I went :) so I just used homemade bias tape.

I cut a slice of the grey fabric and lined up the raw ends of the grey with the raw ends of the bodice and made a seam.

Next, I made the skirt. Cut two rectangles 9"x18". Use a long stitch, sew 1/4" inside the raw edge. On my machine I used a 0 for the tension and the longest stitch I had and it seemed to work pretty well. I had never done a gather before so it did take me a couple of times. I wanted to finish the dress last night but I got so frustrated that I put it down and came back to it this morning. I also agonized about how to attach the skirt and I'm sure the way I did it was not the best way but it seemed to work okay for me.  Pull one of the strings and make sure to gather it in a way to make the seams of the skirt even with the seams of the bodice.

I pinned the skirt to the bodice while both the skirt and the bodice were inside out. **THE SEAMS WERE OUTSIDE VISIBLE TO ME** (This was the part I struggled with) I then sewed the gathers under the original stitch to the seam of the bias tape and the bodice. I know this is a little muddled so if you have problems let me know.

 The final step is to add a lining to the bottom. You don't have to do this. You can just hem the bottom of the skirt if you want but since I used plain fabric I decided to add the tape to the bottom to make it a little fancier. Now, again, since I was broke, I made my own bias tape. This time I cut a length a little longer than the skirt, pressed it in half, and then pressed one of the halves in half again. I then lined up the bottom of the skirt inside the little pocket and sewed it on. **Make sure to sew as close to the top of the little fold as you can. It just looks a little nicer than the middle (like I did the back one).**

Perhaps the way I did this dress was not the easiest way but it worked for me and Maddie looks adorable in her new dress.
I also want to add little rosettes (with safety pins to be removable for washing) and to match her little headband that's not made yet. :)

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